How can I enhance my management and leadership skills and gain positive results from my efforts?


The courses are outlined in the Programme tab as progressive levels.
Each course lasts twelve weeks and comprises six bi-weekly workshops and five one to one sessions:

  • Stage 1 Foundation course
  • Stage 2 Advanced course
  • Stage 3 Master course

Whether you are participating as a member of a team, or as an individual, the workshops are delivered in a small group, of usually six participants. Small groups help keep the programme cost down, whilst affording individuals opportunity to learn from others’ experience, as well as enjoy the support provided by a small group environment.

You will have your one to one session with the programme founder, Ian Leslie.

The aim is for you to enjoy this experience and to really develop as a result of your experience. It is vital that you complete your assignments to be able to progress and get the most from the course.

Prior to the course you will have an interview with Ian to go over the programme, establish your needs, and to agree on how we assess progress.
For participants with staff responsibility, we offer a baseline and post course survey of your staff to assess the impact of your behaviour and thereby the programme. You will get feedback as to the level of engagement you have achieved and your impact on staff motivation. If you have a particular engagement focus, e.g. a change program, we can measure the impact on that too.

You can also go through the programme on a one to one basis only, if that better suits your requirements. We have a number of participants who prefer this approach.