How can I maintain progress and continue to grow?


We offer ongoing support to all our clients, be it continued skills development or advice and support. Our aim is to help you achieve your potential, being there to support you when you need us.

One to one

The courses can also be delivered on a one to one basis, this becomes totally personalised.

Coaching/ Mentoring

This is suitable for individuals requiring specific or ongoing support.

Action Learning sets

Useful and cost effective approach for supported continuous development. Again working in small groups and facilitated by us, participants take responsibility for their actions, but gain valuable support and insight from the set.


A number of assessment services are available either focussed on an individual or for a team, department, division or entire organisation. Assessment focusses relational climate, relational competence, motivation levels, engagement profiling, Leadership engagement style, change programme uptake and behavioural indicators.

Relational Consulting

If you are considering or planning change and require assistance in designing a relational intervention to support deployment. Or even if you are after advice, please contact