The Programme

How can I improve my relational competence and become a more effective leader?


Competence builds upon competence, so Ian has developed a three level programme, where each level builds upon the other.

Each level is delivered through six bi-weekly workshops and five one to one sessions over a twelve week period.

  • Each workshop delivers key concepts that are used to develop your own personal skillset and behavioural repertoire.
  • Five one to one sessions are used to personalise your learning experience, supporting development of both your understanding and application of the themes covered at each stage.
  • Between workshops, you will apply the concepts to yourself and your environment, learning from them and finding what works best for you.

You will be supported through the group and individual sessions, to realise the benefit and recognise the changes that are resulting from your progression.

Level 1 (Foundation Course)

Prepares the foundations for more advanced development, yet is often found sufficient by those working at a supervisory level.

Working with your unique history and experience, you are introduced to a number of concepts regarding human behaviour and a relational framework that will provide the platform for developing and applying skills at this level.

During this period you will be supported in developing your critical thinking, as you become more aware of your own and others behaviour. You will also start to work with the concepts and develop your understanding of how and why it works.

The Foundation course will provide you with a relational approach that, with careful application, will enable you to improve your interactions with subordinates, customers, your boss and others, and to become aware as to how your behaviour impacts others. You will also become critically aware of others’ good and bad behaviour.

Level 2 (Intermediate course)

Uses the framework to develop a more sophisticated understanding of your behaviour and of others’. The focus is on developing a consistent, value based repertoire, that is flexible enough to cope with changing situations, yet remain congruent with core values.

Because of the demands of this level, the focus is primarily on yourself, supporting you in both establishing and developing your own, unique approach. You will become increasingly aware as to how you influence your environment.

Level 3 (Advanced course)

Directs your understanding towards influencing more complex behavioural situations. Using the sophistication of what is now your framework, you will start to understand how you can influence more ‘difficult’ behaviours, through your own behavioural stance. This level of competence, equips you to work with uncertainty and to be able to cope with it as you deal with increasingly complex behaviour. You will also learn how to recognise relationships that are unhealthy and be able to change or withdraw from them.